Q: Are reservations required?

We recommend reservations for our SHARED expense trips. We do welcome walk-ups; however, we cannot guarantee availability. When a reservation is made, we require your name, your cell phone number and a credit card number. All SHARED expense trips require payment the day prior to the trip.

Q: What to expect and why?

On a 4–hour or 6-hour shared expense trip, expect the captain to change fishing locations a few times. There are only so many fish at each location and several locations being fished will generally result in the best catch of fish for our anglers. We keep each of our anglers’ fish separated and do not allow fish to be stored in personal coolers. We fish 30 lb to 50 lb tackle, and we have rod and reels that are suitable for our smaller anglers to use available.

Many families ask what age a child needs to be to go on a fishing trip. Our daughter started out at one year of age and continues to go on a regular basis.

We have found that children under 10 years of age will generally need a parent or someone to help them fish.

Q: Is a deposit required?

We require a 50% deposit on all PRIVATE charters.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

We accept cancellations for PRIVATE charters up to 14 days in advance of the scheduled departure date with a full refund. If you cancel less than 14 days prior to the scheduled trip, your deposit will not be refunded unless the trip can be rescheduled.

We accept cancellations for SHARED expense trips up until noon the day prior to the scheduled departure with a full refund.

The following will NOT result in cancellation or refund of a trip:

  • You can't get yourself, your wife, your kids, etc. out of bed,
  • You got too much sun or sunburned; not feeling well,
  • One person in the party is not feeling well so the rest of the party decides not to go out fishing.

Children of all ages are welcome on our fishing charters. There isn’t a charge for children under the age of 3. The rate for children 4 years and up, and non-fishers is the same rate as to fish. We do not offer “rider” rates. We have found that children under 10 years of age will generally need a parent or someone to help them fish.

Q: What if the weather is bad?

No one, including the weatherman, can accurately predict sea conditions the day before a scheduled fishing trip. No cancellations because of potential sea conditions will be made before the morning of the scheduled fishing trip. The captain makes the decision about the sea conditions the morning of the trip. If he/she cancels the trip due to inclement weather, and if the trip cannot be rescheduled, a full refund will be made. Light rain, rain clouds in the sky, hot humid weather, cool weather, a forecast of thunderstorms, or passing rain during a trip is not a reason for cancellation.

Q: How far offshore do you fish?

This all depends on the length of the trip, how the current is running, and what we are fishing for. On our shared expense trips, we average 15 to 20 miles. On our private charters it can be much further.

Q: Gratuity and Fish Cleaning

Neither gratuity for the mate(s) nor fish cleaning is included in the price of our trips. Customary percentage to cover gratuity and fish cleaning is 20%..

Q: Do I need a fishing license?

A fishing license is not required.

Q: Do I need to provide or rent my own fishing gear (rods, reels, etc.)?

All use of rods, reels, bait and tackle is included in the price of all trips. The cost of any tackle lost overboard will be added to the total charge for the charter (approximate cost of $125.00 to $150.00 per rod and reel).

Q: What are the restrictions on food & drinks?

You will need to bring food and beverages as our charter vessels do not have these items available. We do allow beer, but please, no glass bottles. Safety and Coast Guard regulations require that food and beverages be stored in personal coolers on the boat.