Shared Expense Trip vs. Private Charter

Many of you have asked what the difference is between a shared expense trip and a private charter. At Reel Surprise Charters, our shared expense trips are also called walk-ons. These are shared charters where the price based on a per person rate. You will share the trip with others for a fun-filled adventure. These trips are more economical for those single anglers and for the budget conscious. Our most popular shared expense trips are our 4-hour and 6-hour charters. These allow you the thrill and excitement of a charter in a shorter time period.

Our private charters guarantee a family or group the exclusivity of the charter for the whole day. Since these trips are usually longer, they will travel to deeper waters. For these charters, we do require a deposit to hold the reservation. These charters range from a 4-hour inshore or trolling charter to an overnight charter on the Gulf of Mexico.

Whatever trip you chose, we can guarantee that Reel Surprise Charters will provide you the ultimate fishing experience. Our captains, whether on private charters or party boats, are knowledgeable and ensure everyone has a great trip. Call us today to book your trip!