White Trout

Another inshore species you can catch this time of year is white trout, closely related to speckled trout, but smaller and without a pattern. Like speckled trout, white trout live and feed in channels, deeper water, estuarine waters and bays. They also prefer artificial inshore reefs around back bays, bay piers and artificial reefs. They feed on live bait such as shrimp, but cut bait is also effective. White trout is considered by some as the number one shrimp predator in the Gulf of Mexico.

White trout are an elongated fish with a mouthful of teeth. Their body is silver in color with a yellow cast and their fins tend to be yellow. As they grow larger, they develop an iridescent lavender color on heads and the front part of their body. Smaller white trout are found in the bays and estuaries, whereas the larger are often found in deep inshore holes and in offshore waters.